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Downhole tool adjusts depth of cut to protect BHAs in complex wells

Tools that can help operators and contractors to drill efficiently will be crucial to meeting rising demand in the Middle East in the coming years. Neo Oiltools’ NeoTork tool is designed to manage torque and vibrations, both in offshore and onshore applications, by focusing on the depth of cut to improve efficiency for complex applications. The tool protects the bottomhole assembly (BHA) from damage and failure, ensuring fewer trips in and out of the well, according to the company. When torque exceeds a pre-set limit, the tool contracts to reduce the drill bit depth of cut. The excess torque stored in the system is then slowly released as the drilling structure drills off.

In this video interview with DC from the 2023 ADIPEC on 2 October, Phillippe Cravatte, Technical Director at Neo Oiltools, discusses the technology’s value to drillers in the Middle East and beyond, focusing on the ways in which it can help promote efficient drilling.

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