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Diversion technology helps operators reduce number of bridge plugs, ensure effective stimulation of all stages

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Ensuring that each stage is properly simulated is critical to the success of a frac job. To help operators maximize their formation stimulation while reducing the number of bridge plugs required in a well, Thru-Tubing has launched its SlicFrac diversion technology. In this video from 27 March at the 2018 SPE/ICoTA Conference in The Woodlands, Texas, where Thru-Tubing was showcasing the technology, Jenna Robertson, SlicFrac Product Line Manager, explains how the system works. She also discusses one of the technology’s key features, Perf Pods, which are used to selectively plug perforations that are taking the most fluids. Further, she shares information on a SlicFrac operation in Loving County, Texas, where the technology helped an operator eliminate 50% of its bridge plugs.

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