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Horizontal well completions in challenging conditions help Shell reach target depths

Deep Casing Tools (DCT), alongside its regional partner EFTECH, has successfully run three more of its Turborunner tools with Shell Sarawak despite challenging conditions heightened by COVID-19.

The scope of work, which was awarded to DCT in 2018, required horizontal well completions in six new wells to ensure target depth could be reached. The work was carried out on the Naga 7 jackup rig located offshore Miri, Sarawak. Shell Sarawak contracted the rig from Velesto Drilling in 2018 to support its offshore oil exploration and production activities in the region.

Despite challenging conditions, including tight spots in all six wells, the runs were completed successfully by August by deploying DCT’s turbine-powered completions tool, Turborunner.

The tool was deployed due to its track record of landing completion strings and liners at target depth first time, even in complex wells and with challenging open-hole conditions. It uses high-speed reaming to reduce potential equipment damage, create less downtime, eliminate wiper trips and open-hole exposure and enable cost-effective drill through and drill ahead.

In addition to the tight spots, the restrictions on travel for overseas personnel as a result of COVID-19 created further challenges. DCT was able to overcome this as a result of its relationship with Malaysia-based EFTECH.

Together, the two companies were able to provide on-the-ground field support to oversee the running of the tools while complying with social distancing requirements set by the local government and the operator. This was bolstered by remote support and monitoring by DCT’s technical operations team based at its headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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