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Enventure installs 1,000th SET expandable system

Enventure Global Technology has completed its 1,000th SET expandable job, installing a 47-ft 7 5/8 x 9 5/8-in. 36.0 lb/ft expandable cased-hole liner to cover damaged casing near the surface of the well. This enabled the customer to continue their drilling program. To date, Enventure has installed expandable systems in more than 30 countries for 146 operators. SET systems can be installed in casing sizes ranging from 3 ½ in. to 16 in., in lengths of less than 30 ft to over 6,700 ft, and in well depths exceeding 28,000 ft.

Delmar HCLS helps install heavy tree systems

Delmar Systems has used the Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) to successfully install three of the “heaviest tree systems in the world.” These 240,000-lb systems were installed at BP’s Viosca Knoll 915 (King South) and Mississippi Canyon 129 (Dorado) locations in October 2008 in water depths of 5,600 ft at King South and 3,500 ft at Dorado using the Edison Chouest AHV. The HCLS has been used for more than 150 subsea tree installations, as well as equipment recovery campaigns for equipment refurbishment and reuse. It has also been used in the Gulf of Mexico, Angola and Brazil.

New completion technology results in totally interventionless well in Woodford Shale

Marathon Oil announced it has participated in a successful step-out discovery well on the Brickyard prospect, in the northeast area of the Anadarko Basin, targeting the Woodford Shale resource play in Canadian County, Okla.

The Cana No. 1-15H discovery well was drilled to a true vertical depth of 13,177 ft and horizontally for 4,090 ft, for a total measured well depth of 17,267 ft. The well flowed at an initial rate of 5.2 million cu ft/day of gas.
“Marathon is encouraged by the results of the Brickyard prospect as we continue to develop the emerging Woodford Shale resource play,” said Annell R Bay, senior vice president, worldwide exploration. “We are using 3-D seismic technology to better define our targets and applying advanced drilling technology to reduce drilling days and well costs, thereby improving overall well economics.”

Marathon holds approximately 30,000 net acres in the expanding Woodford Shale resource play, with approximately 10,000 of those net acres in the immediate Brickyard prospect area. The company is drilling two additional wells and participating in two non-operated wells in the Brickyard prospect. Marathon also plans to participate in 15-25 gross wells in this area through 2010. This limited program is designed to enhance the company’s technical understanding of the play and reflects its focus on capital discipline. Marathon expects that with the successful development of this program, the play could yield an additional 200-300 gross locations.

The Cana well is believed to be the world’s first totally interventionless well completion using the EXcape Completion Process technology, developed jointly by Marathon, BJ Services, GEODynamics and the Expro Group. Using this technology, Marathon was able to remotely perforate, fracture stimulate and complete each individual interval zone for production, including the setting and removal of isolation devices – saving time and expense. Based on the success of the Cana well completion, Marathon plans to expand the use of this technology to future activities in Oklahoma’s Woodford Shale and Alaska’s Cook Inlet operations.

“Compared to conventional completions using pump-down techniques in horizontal wells, the EXcape technology reduced manhours on this well completion by more than 35% and reduced completion costs by 10%,” Ms Bay said.

INTEQ offers new high-speed telemetry service

Baker Hughes INTEQ has introduced its new aXcelerate High-Speed Telemetry service, offering high-speed mud-pulse and wired-pipe data transmission for logging while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD) applications.

“We believe that our aXcelerate service will be a game-changer in the way operators drill their wells,” said INTEQ president Paul Butero. “As part of our Answers While Drilling suite of advanced drilling and formation evaluation technologies and services, the aXcelerate service enables real-time transmission of high-speed, high-resolution data from all of INTEQ’s downhole services.”

The aXcelerate service provides the fastest mud-pulse telemetry available today, with data rates of 20 bits/sec having already been consistently achieved. This data rate is more than 500% faster than the industry standard 3 bits/sec.

The aXcelerate service also enables wired-pipe telemetry connectivity in conjunction with the IntelliServ Network. INTEQ has worked closely with the IntelliServ Network and provided downhole services in the majority of all wired-pipe work that has been done to date.

The aXcelerate service is already being used by major operators in areas including the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, and the Middle East.

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