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Cortec presents guidelines for layup of offshore drilling rigs in uncertain times

With the oil and gas industry facing uncertainty and mounting challenges, many rig owners are already – or will soon – be facing the question of whether it is time to stack their offshore drilling rigs. Concerned about cutting losses and reducing capital output, they need cost-effective solutions for preserving the value of assets until they can either be put back into service or sold. This requires corrosion preventative measures that are both effective and require minimal effort to bring the equipment back online. To address this, Cortec Corp has published a new guide to the layup of offshore drilling rigs.

The guide begins with an index of 74 offshore rig systems to be preserved, with critical items in bold. Before addressing each system, the guide notes several basic instructions for general layup, such as removing existing rust with VpCI-423, cleaning with VpCI-415 and coating external equipment surfaces with VpCI-391. It also identifies which corrosion inhibitor additives to use with different types of lubrication oils and hydraulic fluids and specifies which VpCI Emitters to employ for varying sizes of void space.

The handbook then goes step by step through the important aspects of offshore layup, from prepping worker accommodations to preserving alarms – from flushing ballast systems with corrosion-inhibitor treated seawater to taking measures to carefully shut down a BOP control system. It also includes options for treating and deodorizing toilets and holding tanks with biologicals from Cortec subsidiary, Bionetix International.

The guide can be accessed here, although you must contact Cortec to receive a password.

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