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Columbus McKinnon introduces Intelli-Crane family of products

Columbus McKinnon has launched its Intelli-Crane family of products. New from Columbus McKinnon, the Magnetek brand Intelli-Protect System is the first product in the Intelli-Crane portfolio, which leverages automation technology to improve customers’ safety, productivity, and uptime.

Intelli-Protect Systems, featuring no-fly zone technology, helps protect assets and personnel in working areas while improving facility throughput. No-fly zones refer to protected areas where normal crane operation is limited or entirely restricted. Intelli-Protect allows the designation of locations where a crane is programmed to slow down or stop, using motion control products such as variable frequency drives, radio remote controls, limit switches, and sensors. These versatile systems — ranging from simple configurations to the more complex — can be added to existing crane controls or included in new installations.

“Implementing an Intelli-Protect System limits the risk of collisions, increases safety for equipment and personnel in protected areas, and improves facility throughput,” Peter Stipan, Global Director, Automation Division, said.

Intelli-Protect is available in either fixed location or configurable options. Fixed location systems utilize limit switches installed on bridge and trolley motions that interface with a controller for functional customization. These systems are available in three configurations optimized for two-sided, three-sided, and four-sided areas where crane motion is limited or entirely restricted.

Configurable systems utilize laser positioning sensors installed on bridge and trolley motions that interface with a controller for functional customization. Providing flexibility, these systems can be configured to exact requirements and easily modified from any personal electronic device as changing process, plant, and crane conditions require.

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