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Columbus McKinnon, Milwaukee Tool announce development of battery-powered chain hoist

Columbus McKinnon Corporation and Milwaukee Tool announced the joint development of a first-of-its-kind battery hoist. Combining Columbus McKinnon’s hoist design with Milwaukee Tool’s expertise in lithium-ion battery and brushless motor technology, the BatteryStar hoist provides the lifting strength and speed of an electric chain hoist and the portability of a manual hoist without the need for time-consuming manual operation or access to a power source.

“Providing customers with a state-of-the-art solution for their mobile lifting needs, the BatteryStar represents the next step in hoisting innovation, creating a new category of lifting technology,” said Mario Ramos, Senior VP, Product Development and Marketing for Columbus McKinnon. “Building on a 150-year history of innovation and quality in hoisting and lifting technology, this battery-powered hoist was designed to better address our existing customers’ lifting needs by providing new safety features and higher productivity to its users. In addition, this new product reinforces our commitment to serving our customers across a variety of applications, including construction, entertainment, utilities, crane building, equipment maintenance and more.”

The BatteryStar is powered by Milwaukee Tool’s M18 REDLITHIUM Battery. This is the same battery customers are already using on job sites around the world, providing convenience and compatibility with well-known Milwaukee-brand tools. Designed to reduce downtime, the BatteryStar allows an operator to replace the battery quickly and easily for minimal operation interruption.

“One of the most exciting features of the BatteryStar is the portability it provides,” added Mr Ramos. “Weighing only 46 lbs with the standard 20 ft of chain, this hoist can be transported and installed anywhere it is needed. And, when used in an inverted orientation, the BatteryStar eliminates the need to carry the weight of the hoist up to the anchor point, improving ergonomics and reducing operator effort.”

The BatteryStar also provides added safety and intelligence to any lifting application. Not only does the hoist reduce operator effort and fatigue with the elimination of manual effort, but it keeps the operator out of the load path as well, with a wireless remote that can control the hoist from up to 60 ft away. The remote features built-in intelligence that alerts the operator when the hoist is over capacity or the battery has less than 25% charge, so the battery can be replaced proactively.

It also indicates if hoist inspection is due when used in conjunction with Milwaukee Tool’s ONE-KEY app. Other features include a patent-pending mechanical brake for added safety as well as true variable speed for precise lifting and improved efficiency. The BatteryStar hoist has a 1-metric-ton lifting capacity with 20 ft of lift as standard and lifting speeds of 8 ft per minute.

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