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Check-6 launches RIGOR digital checklist and compliance system

Check-6 has launched RIGOR, a checklist-based mobile app to help simplify complex procedures and mitigate human error on the rig. Taking lessons from the aviation industry, the checklist culture ensures safety and equipment performance. At the Check-6 headquarters in Houston, Troy “Korn” Kehoe, Vice President of Innovation and Business Development, describes how the app supports procedural discipline and verifiable compliance. RIGOR provides a reliable and consistent workflow during high-risk and normal operations.

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  1. I love this idea.

    I teach well control for a living, and consequences for missing an essential step in a procedure can be, and has serious consequences.

    Using checklists to engage the crew and reduce an element risk resulting from Human Factors, has to be a good thing…

  2. As the aviation industry has learned over the years Checklists are not the whole answer to following procedures and defeating Human Error. The real key is action centred coaching to raise awareness of Human Factors affecting the individual and team in their work place with the aim of achieving tangible behavioural change. This has been our experience over many years of delivering this type of training on and offshore and in other critical environments like High Threat Bomb Disposal and Search operations and 1000’s of hours coaching Healthcare Surgical Teams. Apps for mobile phones will not add value on many offshore platforms that do not allow Mobile phones onboard.

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