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Baker Hughes, Corva collaborate on digital solutions for well construction

Baker Hughes announced a strategic investment and collaboration with Corva, a provider of cloud-based well construction digital solutions, to bolster rig visualization capabilities and drive enhanced decision making across the well lifecycle.

Corva has over 100 well construction applications that leverage the use of offset and real-time data, as well as an open development platform. Baker Hughes has provided a minority investment in Corva and will become an international reseller of Corva well construction products, as well as being the exclusive international reseller for Corva in certain regions. In addition, Baker Hughes will introduce new applications on the Corva App Store.

“At Baker Hughes, we see digital as a language that — when combined with our domain expertise — helps us speak to our customers and differentiate OFSE’s core service offerings,” said Maria Claudia Borras, Executive Vice President of Oilfield Services and Equipment (OFSE) at Baker Hughes. “With our investment and collaboration, customers can expect a truly collaborative digital oilfield, allowing us to deliver enhanced digital capabilities and ensure customers can drill faster, better and more accurately.”

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