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ART Committee commits to new work programs; survey shows surprising results

An audience survey at the 2015 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference, held 13-14 October in Amsterdam, showed that some attitudes toward automation are shifting significantly — and others are not. The annual automated-response system survey at this year’s event showed that the perception of industry’s greatest need has flipped 180 degrees. In booming 2014, the audience ranked “skilled manpower” number one, with 57% of the vote. Only 19% of respondents selected “higher levels of drill floor automation” — and this in an audience heavily weighted with automation technologists. Today, those attitudes have traded places. At this month’s conference, only 26% opted for “skilled manpower,” while 44% sought more drill floor automation.

Slashing time to TD and reducing NPT are the dual key deliverables, the survey confirmed, at 36% and 34% of respondents, respectively.

The IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee, during a workshop preceding the conference, brainstormed future work programs. These include:

  • Reducing “flat spots,” or NPT;
  • Cybersecurity, including enhancing competence and improving KSAs, as well as harmonizing IADC’s work with that of others in the industry;
  • Developing a common language protocol for rig equipment, building on the committee’s work several years ago in developing a comprehensive listing of virtually all rig communication protocols.

For more information and to view the complete survey, click here .

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