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API launches new edition of Q2 Quality Management System

API has issued the second edition of the API Specification Q2, Quality Management for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. The new edition strengthens safety, quality and environmental protection and sustainability requirements to facilitate the implementation of best-in-class standards across natural gas and oil supply chains.

“Service and supply firms seek API certification to demonstrate their adherence to rigorous requirements, and API’s Specification Q2 is the principal quality management standard that reinforces safety and consistency across industry products and operations,” API Senior Vice President for Global Industry Services Debra Phillips said. “The new edition of Q2 allows service and supply companies the opportunity to demonstrate their adherence to best practices in quality, safety and environmental stewardship through adoption and API certification.”

The updated standard defines the requirements and procedures that service and supply organizations must follow in executing services for the industry, including:

  • Drilling
  • Intervention
  • Field production activities
  • Well closure and remediation
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Construction

API began offering Q2 standard certifications through the APIQR program in 2013. Since then, 150 sites around the world have achieved Q2 certification, improving safety and reliability within their operations.

“Contracted firms do a substantial amount of work at natural gas and oil production sites, and operators seek certified manufacturers and supply firms to meet rigorous safety, environmental and sustainability requirements,” API Vice President of Segment Standards and Services Alexa Burr said. “This new edition enhances our work with these energy services companies around the world to uphold quality management requirements and further extends the reach of API’s best-in-class safety and efficiency standards.”

Changes between the first and second editions of Q2 include:

  • Harmonizing Q2 for service organizations with API Specification Q1 for manufacturers. The new edition of Q2 clarifies where the two programs have common requirements, making it easier for licensees to enhance efficiency and safety and meet both specifications.
  • Adding requirements to ensure workers possess the required skills and knowledge and receive the proper training. This allows for more success in achieving the goals of the QMS.
  • Strengthening API and industry efforts on sustainability and environmental protection. Q2 supports several of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, including Access to Energy, Economic Growth and Resilient Infrastructure.

API Specification Q2 is one of the primary documents referenced in the API Energy Excellence initiative.

There will be a six-month window for organizations that were previously Q2-certified to update their quality management system to comply with the new edition. A webinar will be held on 26 August with two members of the Q2 standard development committee: Mike Briggs with Cameron and Jason Kody with Shell.

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