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Apache, Total make significant oil discovery at Sapakara West-1 offshore Suriname

Apache Corp. and Total announced a significant oil discovery at the Sapakara West-1 well drilled in Block 58 offshore Suriname.

The well was drilled by the Noble Sam Croft to a depth of approximately 20,700 ft and successfully tested for the presence of hydrocarbons in multiple stacked targets in the upper Cretaceous-aged Campanian and Santonian intervals.

Preliminary fluid samples and test results indicate at least 259 ft of net oil and gas condensate pay in two intervals. The shallower Campanian interval contains 43 ft of net gas condensate and 98 ft of net oil pay, with API oil gravities between 35° and 40°. The deeper Santonian interval contains 118 ft of net oil-bearing reservoir with API oil gravities between 40° and 45*.

“Based on a conservative estimate of net pay across multiple fan systems, we have discovered another very substantial oil resource with the Sapakara West-1 well,” Apache CEO and President John J. Christmann said in a statement.

Apache’s data indicates that Sapakara West-1 encountered a distinct fan system separate from the Maka Central-1 discovery the company announced in January.

Block 58 comprises 1.4 million acres over which Apache has identified at least 7 distinct play types and more than 50 prospects.

Upon completion of operations at Sapakara West-1, the Sam Croft will move to the third prospect in Block 58, Kwaskwasi, which is located approximately 6 mi northwest of Sapakara West-1. The fourth exploration target is Keskesi, which will be drilled approximately 12 mi southeast of Sapakara West-1.

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