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Amplus partners with VG Energy to target untapped reserves in West Africa

Amplus VGE, a joint venture between UK-headquartered Amplus Energy and Nigeria-based Versatile Group (VG Energy), along with support from Norway’s Carbon Circle, is bringing together solutions to unlock marginal fields in West Africa.

Combining the companies’ knowledge of oilfield development and production, the Amplus VGE partnership is working to unlock the full potential of West Africa through reliable, transparent field development solutions.

With the addition of Norway-based Carbon Circle and its class-leading carbon capture technology, Amplus VGE can deliver highly efficient, full-service solutions to support owners of undeveloped oil and gas fields through the entire cycle of unlocking their reserves – from production to carbon capture. It is making long-term investments in the region, including the recent opening of a new Nigerian office in Abuja, and plans to create more local employment opportunities, essential skills training and development.

The company recently made large investments in Carbon Circle to support the growth of the emerging carbon capture industry and enhance field development and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) operations. Carbon Circle is currently supporting a West African FPSO project to integrate a Carbon Circle Post-Combustion Carbon Capture pilot plant offshore.

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