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Aluminum alloy drill pipe adapted from aerospace technology improves drilling efficiency in Niobrara

The FuchsRohr AluDrill aluminum alloy pipe, developed and produced by German-based OTTO FUCHS Drilling Solutions (OFDS), is being promoted as a lighter yet durable alternative to conventional steel pipes commonly used in the oil and gas industry. OFDS reports that drilling operations in Colorados Niobrara formation have shown the aluminum alloy pipe’s material properties are able to significantly improve drilling efficiency with up to a 30% ROP increase in sliding mode possible.

Peter Kaufmann, President of OFDS, said, “Our pipes are up to 50% lighter than similarly-sized steel pipes and completely stable. This helps our clients to save time and money. AluDrill pipe can extend the drilling depths of existing installations, which eliminates the need for cost-intensive rig upgrades.”

Comprised of aluminum as well as alloying elements copper and silicon, the specially designed alloy employed in FuchsRohr AluDrill pipe had been in use in the aerospace industry before engineers discovered its potential for oil and gas drilling operations.

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