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AFGlobal showcases Active Control Device, debuts MPD test rig

AFGlobal showcased several MPD technologies at its Houston facility on 12 October, including an active control device (ACD) for deepwater and offshore surface applications and a purpose-built rig for testing MPD scenarios.

Bearings and rotating components are a common source of maintenance and failure in conventional rotating control devices used in MPD operations. The ACD, however, provides the prerequisite seal and diversion of annular wellbore returns using a non-rotating device enabled by an actively pressurized, co-molded element. Its active pressure-sealing system hydraulically applies closing pressure to maintain consistent wellbore sealing integrity over time as the sealing sleeve is worn. The sleeve is a co-molded element made up of an enhanced urethane matrix reinforced with a durable polytetrafluoroethylene inner shell. As the sealing sleeve wears, pressure is actively applied to force the element against the drill pipe to maintain consistent seal performance. The device varies hydraulic pressure on the seal to compensate for wear and accommodate passage of wear-inducing tool joints.

The test rig, which was debuted at the 12 October event, was designed to simulate drilling conditions – rotating and reciprocating drill pipe against wellbore pressure – to better understand equipment performance. Key features of the test rig include a 215-hp top drive capable of 3,300 ft-lb and 310 RPM for rotational testing; an axial speed of 120 ft/min for stripping operations; a fluid temperature control system; and a fully integrated control system for data acquisition and remote monitoring and functionality. Testing can be done with either drilling mud or water.

Watch DC’s video with Justin Fraczek, VP of Engineering for AFGlobal, to learn more about these technologies.


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