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AFGlobal launches Performance Drilling platform for onshore, shallow water

AFGlobal has announced the launch of its Performance Drilling platform, a combination of equipment and software aimed at the onshore and shallow-water drilling markets. The platform incorporates equipment and software to seamlessly support rig operations with fundamental capabilities, including applying surface backpressure set point pressure control while drilling, automated ramp schedules during connections, early kick loss detection (EKLD) and choke condition-based monitoring (CBM).

Built around AFGlobal’s rotating control device (RCD) technology, metering and measurement package and task-specific intelligent control, the Performance Drilling toolkit enables drilling contractors to safely and efficiently maximize performance with industry-proven solutions that increase ROP, improve safety and increase hole stability while minimizing sticking.

“Our aim is to make closed-loop operations a practical reality for onshore drillers,” Mark Mitchell, President of Oil & Gas for AFGlobal, said. “Our field-proven technology delivers the benefits of active pressure management, without the cost and complexity of managed pressure drilling. We put the advantages of closed-loop drilling in the hands of the driller, for solutions to everyday challenges.”

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