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AFG Holdings acquires Maass Flange Corp

AFG Holdings today announced that it has acquired Maass Flange Corp, the North American assets of Maass Global Group, including its businesses in Mexico and Canada. Maass Flange is the largest domestic manufacturing supplier of stainless and nickel alloy flanges in North America.

“Maass’ market-leading positions in stainless and nickel alloys aligns well with AFG Holdings’market leadership in carbon flanges, creating combined bundling opportunities through a unified supply chain while reducing costs for our customers,” commented Joe Jenkins, President of AFG Holdings’ Aero & Industrial division, including Ameriforge and Steel Industries.

The entity will be called Ameriforge and will be led by Alex Maass. The acquisition includes all facilities in the Houston area, Canada and Mexico. Ameriforge can now offer products and capabilities across the spectrum of all forged products — everything from carbon and high yield to specialty alloys — along with complementary products over a broad spectrum of material grades and dimensions.

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