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Adapter kit upgrades energy-limited shakers to new Hi-E technology

The Hi-E Kit Adapter more than doubles the G-forces generated by less efficient conventional shakers, thereby increasing processing capacity and lowering operating costs.

Solids control and process technology provider Fluid Systems has introduced adapter technology that readily upgrades older drying and flow line shakers to the significantly higher efficiencies of the new generation Hi-E shaker.

Applicable for most manufacturers’ brand of shakers, the Hi-E Kit Adapter more than doubles the G-forces generated by less efficient conventional shakers, thereby increasing processing capacity, reducing retention on cuttings (ROC), improving drilling fluid recovery and lowering operating costs. The relatively non-intrusive kit adapter is installed on the shaker basket with minimum cuttings and welding, and once in place, consistently increases the energy delivered across the screen panels up to 20 g. Conventional shakers typically deliver constant G-forces between 5 and 7 g, severely limiting the energy available to produce drier cuttings once fluid is fed to the shaker.

“The adapter kit technology works on the principle of resonance, in that it incorporates the use of mechanical exciters located underneath the screen panels to amplify the G-forces generated by the vibratory motors,” explains Fluid Systems CEO Ben Hiltl. “In the face of increasing pressures on major capital expenditures and the aggressive operating parameters characterizing today’s climate, the adapter enables companies to quickly receive the operational and economic benefits of our advanced Hi-E shaker at a fraction of the costs of a new machine.”

The recently introduced Hi-E shaker represents a step-change advancement in shaker technology by generating appreciably higher G-forces, ranging from 10-20 g. The higher energy generated on the specially engineered Hi-E exciters is transferred to the pre-tensioned high-strength screen panels and subsequently applied to the drill solids as they pass across the mesh. Also adaptable for mud cleaners, the Hi-E technology functions in both linear and balanced elliptical mode and is equally effective in dry and light loading or with wet and heavy loads.

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