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ABS and HHI group join forces on digitalization and decarbonization

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Hyundai Global Service (HGS) have agreed on a framework for the exchange of digitalization and decarbonization (D&D) concepts to apply to present and future designs. This new framework will be an industry first D&D ecosystem between class, shipyard and ship service company.

Launched at a ceremony during Gastech, the new framework enables HHI, HGS and ABS to support alternative means of compliance with new remote survey capabilities using the newly commissioned ABS Remote Decision Support Center, supported by HHI and HGS’ technology and services. It also enables identification of new technologies, designs, fuels, and simulation techniques for mutual clients. The ultimate goal is to establish a lifecycle partnership from the design of the vessel to the steel cutting and to post-delivery of assets.

“ABS is a leader in data and digital and at the forefront of assisting the maritime industry to meet the IMO’s decarbonization objectives. We are proud to work with HHI and HGS. Together we offer an unrivaled strength in depth to go beyond today’s shipbuilding state-of-the-art,” Christopher Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO, said. “In parallel, we will examine the myriad of possible technologies to be able to bring forward the most technically mature, economically viable, and compliant concepts to ship owners.”

As part of the framework, HHI, HGS, and ABS, outline the need for the development of new cyber security standards. Communications companies which specialize in data transmission, which include HGS’s satellite connections, will pursue a proprietary data infrastructure standard aligned to support data exchange, integration, and analysis for classification and non-class purposes. The new framework will be applied to ABS classed vessels being designed and constructed by HHI and sold with HGS lifecycle services. 

Based on these new and innovative D&D concepts, HHI, HGS and ABS will work together to advance the state of vessel design. Possibilities range from alternative fuels to options for all-electric vessels. Joint techno-economic analyses with a focus on systems integration will drive new successful, sustainable and “future proofed” designs to be constructed by HHI and HGS and classed by ABS.

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