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Video: IADC ART Subcommittee evaluating cyber security standards for drilling contractors

The IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee’s Drilling Control Systems (DCS) Subcommittee was created to provide information and guidelines to improve safety and reliability of the interfaces between human and machine, and between multiple control systems installed on offshore and onshore drilling facilities. In this video, DCS Subcommittee Chairman Trenton Martin discusses the subcommittee’s latest projects, including a review of methods to risk assess cyber security threats on a drilling rig.

A cyber security workshop will be hosted on 9 October at BP’s Houston offices. Click here for more information and to register. Mr Martin of Transocean, among other leaders of IADC ART subcommittees who spoke at the 2014 IADC ART Conference in Galveston, Texas, on 16 September, encouraged more people to take part and contribute to the committee’s numerous projects.

Click here for information about upcoming ART meetings.

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