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SPM QEM 5000 e-frac pump designed to reduce environmental impact, costs

SPM Oil & Gas, a provider of systematized pressure pumping and pressure control equipment and services, announced that SPM Quintuplex Extended Max (QEM) 5000 e-frac pump is reducing environmental impact and yielding positive cost savings in the Haynesville, Permian, Eagle Ford and Marcellus Basins. The SPM QEM 5000 is the only true continuous duty, electric or gas turbine-capable, 5,000-horsepower pump currently operating at full capacity in the field.

The SPM QEM 5000 is designed from the ground up for electric or gas turbine and 5,000-hp capacity in a single unit, rated for service at 100 percent of its 308,000-lb rod load capacity, 24 hours per day, seven days per week – even in extreme conditions. Half of the SPM QEM 5000s in operation are powered by turbine driven units while the remaining 50 percent are powered by an e-frac motor. In addition to eliminating diesel use on-site, using the SPM QEM 5000 also reduces the total number of pumps required at a site, which enables operators to significantly lower fuel spend, emissions and consumables costs.

At rated speeds, the SPM QEM 5000 has consistently produced greater than 20 bpm for long and repeated stages; approximately 30% higher than any other pump. At the 1,000-hour teardown, the SPM QEM 5000 showed no signs of wear and continued performing like new after operating at full-rod load in the harshest North American shale plays. This reduces NPT for increased pumping hours without increased maintenance, because the SPM QEM 5000 is intentionally engineered to reduce maintenance intervals.

Beyond contributing to reduced emissions, the SPM QEM 5000 e-frac pump also enables operators and oilfield service companies to leverage simul-frac operations to achieve even greater efficiencies. While the simul-frac approach achieves dramatic efficiency gains that can save at least a million dollars in variable costs for a project; the doubling of pumps required by simul-frac is at odds with ESG goals. The SPM QEM 5000 resolves this challenge by reducing the number of pumps required for a simul-frac operation. A conventional spread utilizing 20 pumps would require 40 legacy pumps as a simul-frac operation, compared to only 18 to 20 SPM QEM 5000 pumps for the same simul-frac configuration.

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