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Schlumberger introduces high-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service

Schlumberger announced the introduction of MagniSphere high-definition NMR logging-while-drilling service. The service provides operators with automated, high-definition NMR data while drilling, which the company says can help maximize reservoir exposure and optimize production.

The service delivers real-time petrophysical evaluation data that is integrated into an intelligent processing workflow. This provides operators with reservoir data they can use to identify producible hydrocarbon and enable precision geosteering, thus delivering ideal well placement required to maximize production.

Schlumberger said the service has undergone extensive field testing. In one such test, an operator in the Black Sea used it to help drill an extended reach horizontal section for better characterization of the reservoir porosity and permeability profile, improving well placement into a higher quality pay zone. In the Middle East, an operator used real-time NMR logging-while-drilling for several wells in complex carbonate and clastic reservoirs to effectively characterize porosity profiles, identify permeable layers, and detect the presence of heavy oil and tar.

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