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D-Tech Rotary Steerable launches Invictus next-generation rotary steerable tool

D-Tech Rotary Steerable announced the completion of extensive field trials and the commercialization of its Invictus next-generation rotary steerable tool (RST). The newly designed RST combines a simplistic and robust tool design with continuous technical advancements—such as real-time telemetry, high-speed, and high-temperature capabilities—to provide customers with a more cost-effective and reliable drilling solution.

Designed to complete the intermediate, curve, and lateral in one run, the self-contained system includes 10 moving parts, which removes as many failure points as possible. D-Tech’s fully rotating push-the-bit tool is ruggedized for high vibration and shock, tackles abrasive formations that are known to be hard on tools, and is compatible with challenging mud systems. It also includes upgraded hydraulics, pistons, and software, further improving communications, longevity, and performance in virtually any environment.

“With more than 4.5 million feet drilled with our original system, we’re excited to launch the Invictus next-generation tool to further improve performance, reliability, and efficiency,” said Kirk Card, President, D-Tech Rotary Steerable. “Harsher drilling environments and the need for higher performance and more economical drilling led our engineering team to redesign our already robust tool, adding multiple upgraded technical requirements and putting more information at our customers’ fingertips.”

Because motor-assisted operations with higher bit speeds are a more common customer requirement to maximize rates of penetration (ROP) and push drilling efficiency, the Invictus tool’s speed was increased to 330 RPM. This further increases the tolerance of the system-to-bit speed variations caused by stick/slip events, as well as torsional oscillation. The next-gen tool has increased its temperature capabilities to operate in hotter downhole temperatures.

Historically, the D-Tech RST has operated independently without dependency on other components, leaving BHA design to the customer and keeping costs lower. The Invictus tool provides additional flexibility with multiple MWD compatibility options—virtually any MWD system can send rotary steerable measurements and diagnostics data on-demand and in real time to surface. This allows directional companies to run their desired MWD sensors with the DTech RST and have real-time downhole communications, giving all parties a better understanding of downhole conditions at the lowest cost.

The Invictus solution also utilizes a proprietary software platform that increases inclination and azimuthal control, which helps decrease wellbore tortuosity, improve ROP, and provide more reliable steering results in challenging applications.

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