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Scandrill hosts Sen. Ted Cruz at Permian Basin rig location

Senator Ted Cruz visited the Scan Gold rig on 20 February on location in the Permian Basin.
Sen. Cruz visited the Scan Gold rig on 20 February on location in the Permian Basin.

Scandrill hosted a visit by US Sen. Ted Cruz at an XTO Energy drilling location in the Permian Basin on 20 February. On location, Sen. Cruz observed the Scan Gold, a rig rated to drill to 20,000 ft with an advanced walking system and a 7,500-psi mud system.

Sen. Cruz visited operations at both XTO Energy and Pioneer Natural Resources facilities to get a firsthand look at energy development activities in the Permian Basin. He also had lunch with several community and business leaders to hear their concerns and ideas on how Washington can better enable them to create more opportunities in the communities in which they serve and operate.

“The people and businesses in the Permian Basin are a crucial to the economic strength of our state. While the energy industry in Texas has been impacted by the recent downturn in oil prices, we are beginning to see a robust recovery. That is a testament to the strong work ethic of Texans and the efforts our state has made to keep regulations to a minimum and empower those with new technology and innovative ideas to enter the marketplace,” Sen. Cruz said. “While Texas continues to serve as a model for the success of restrained regulations, I am committed to applying those same principles in Washington’s approach. Thankfully, we have a new administration that has shown it understands the value of removing regulatory barriers and has already taken steps to unleash the potential of our energy industry. I look forward to working with them and with my fellow Texans to see our energy resources utilized to their full potential, for the benefit of Texans all over our state.”


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