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New drilling emissions reporting tool aims to accelerate oilfield decarbonization

RigCLOUD, a provider of rig instrumentation, analytics and automation applications on an open platform for digital operations, announced the release of its Drilling Emissions Reports, which are designed to help users optimize engine utilization and reduce their carbon footprint while drilling. The tool is available to both drillers and operators.

The tool provides accurate and reliable data on fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 per foot drilled, average engine load and average number of engines online during each drilling activity. To optimize emissions output, drilling contractors and operators have visibility into the minimum engine requirements throughout the well construction process. This capability enables customers to reduce their environmental impact without compromising operational performance.

“Digitalization and automation have significantly contributed to improved efficiency and drilling performance. Now, RigCLOUD is using these advances to improve environmental performance. By deploying emissions analytics and advanced engine management, we are empowering anyone who is contracting or operating a rig to make progress on their sustainability commitments,” said Carlos Rolong, Senior Director of Operations at RigCLOUD.

RigCLOUD will soon make available engine optimization and management solutions. These system swill provide activity-based estimations of peak power demand using artificial intelligence (AI) based predictions. Similar to modern cars with auto-stop features, rig engines will cycle on or off as required during certain drilling activities to optimize greenhouse gas emissions.

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