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Parker Wellbore and TDE join forces with drilling technology

From left to right: Sandy Esslemont, CEO of Parker Wellbore, and Gerhard Thonhauser, CEO of TDE (Source: Parker Wellbore)

Parker Wellbore and TDE have entered into an exclusive strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing the drilling process. The partnership will perform pilot projects and commercialize TDE’s proprietary tde powerline downhole power and data highway and will provide services globally.

It is the industry’s first downhole high power, high bandwidth data highway enabling intelligent digital drilling systems – key for AI-driven solutions and drilling automation. The wired drill pipe technology provides electric power from the surface via the drill string to the BHA and greatly increases downhole data streaming while drilling to levels not seen today.

The technology also delivers 300 w of power and supports bidirectional communication at 200,000 bit/sec, a near-fourfold increase from current wired drill pipe data rates. Or, 10,000 times mud pulse data rates.

It can be retrofitted to existing drill pipe with premium connections at the nearest Parker Wellbore facility or supplied as a pre-configured drill string managed by the TDE/Parker alliance. It requires no rig modification, no repeaters and no added operational run time, delivering a fully vendor-neutral, open-architecture platform for third-party BHA components.

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