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Operators Group for Data Quality working on common data specifications

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Poor quality of real-time data at the rig site remains one of the drilling industry’s most critical challenges. It can, for example, impair the ability to measure, analyze and improve processes. The Operators Group for Data Quality has set out to improve the industry’s data quality by defining standards for the process capability requirements for equipment. A major ongoing project for the group is developing common specifications for surface sensors. As part of this work within the next three to five years, the group will establish study groups related to downhole tools, data enrichment and rig data models, said Michael Behounek, Senior Drilling Advisor at Apache Corp and Co-Chairman for the Operators Group on Data Quality. The group will also study how contract requirements can encourage standardization. Watch DC’s video from the 2016 IADC Annual General Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., on 4 November for more information.

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One Comment

  1. It’s all well and good operators coming up with more and more “standards” for the vendors to adhere to; the problem with oilfield data quality will, however remain as long as the operators don’t enforce said standards in their contracts. Most have little or no leeway with their supply chain to enforce what is mostly at the bottom, poorly defined, or even missing from most well placement contracts – data!

    There is a reason why certain more forward thinking operators internally measure data quality AND enforce contractual agreements, Statoil, for instance, who reap the rewards of data vigilance to have data quality up in the high 99%s

    Have we, as operators, ever turned the question around on the vendors and asked them, “internally, does your organisation and services lines suffer from poor oilfield data quality from your own systems used to measure and deliver data?” Funnily, I’ve never heard a vendors internal service line which provides real time geomechanics or geosteering services e.g. to operators from data derived from the offshore downhole tools, complain about their own data – I wonder why this is?

    A simple paradigm shift onto integrated ownership, measurement and enforcement (especially enforcement) of the oilfield data lifecycle is required, but at the moment, that’s truly at the bottom of every operators list and will be for quite some time.

    Andy Deady
    MD, Virtual Wells Ltd.

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