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North Sea operator speeds up P&A campaign by running Churchill’s Mud Shear Sub

Churchill Drilling Tools, a leading oilfield service company specializing in drilling innovation, has revealed that one of its specialist tools, the Mud Shear Sub, significantly improved the mud conditioning process for a major North Sea operator during a recent P&A campaign; so much so the operator began subsequent retrieval operations ahead of schedule.

Saving an average of one hour for every 1,000 bbl of mud sheared, the operator using the Mud Shear Sub introduced an additional shearing point to the circulating system across three separate wells. This sped up fluid conditioning, displacing sea water to jetting fluid, before conditioning mud through the tool.

Lynne Lyon serves as the UK Account Manager for Churchill Drilling Tools. Director Paul Attrill is heading up 3T Energy Group’s China office.
Lynne Lyon serves as the UK Account Manager for Churchill Drilling Tools, and recommended the Mud Shear Sub to her client.

Historically, the operator had spent significant time displacing the wells to jetting fluids and so were looking for a simple and reliable solution to speed up the process. The Senior Drilling Engineer was delighted with the Mud Shear Sub’s performance and said it allowed them to get the mud up to spec much quicker.

“Operators can spend hours conditioning mud, especially for milling operations,” Lynne Lyon, UK Account Manager at Churchill Drilling Tools, said. “The Mud Shear Sub is an ingeniously simple solution that delivers significant time savings.”

“I’m pleased that my client was able to speed up the mud conditioning process by around 50%, using the Mud Shear Sub, saving time, cutting costs and driving efficiency,” said Ms Lyon. “This latest success in the North Sea adds to the Mud Shear Sub’s growing track record of performance.”

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