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IADC to use DNV’s worldwide network to expand audits

In a move that could pave the way for expansion of its accreditation and certification efforts, IADC has signed an agreement with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to utilize the company’s extensive worldwide network of auditors to assist in monitoring accredited training providers.

“One thing that has restrained our responsiveness to requests for additional accreditation services has been the availability of qualified auditors,” said Steve Kropla, vice president of Accreditation & Certification. “Access to DNV’s global resources will greatly assist us in ensuring the quality of our existing programs as well as enable us to put new programs in place more quickly.”

The agreement provides IADC with preferred audit day rates for 114 different countries valid for three years. Auditors will focus on identifying program non-conformities, providing general observations and recommendations regarding program practices, and describing noteworthy efforts on the part of training providers. Corrective action on non-conformities will be initiated by IADC upon review of the audit report and/or consultation with the auditor involved.

IADC will continue to use contract and member volunteer auditors who have participated in previous audits.

“In the past, IADC has managed about 25 audits per year, “ Mr Kropla said. “It is expected that this agreement will enable us to perform as many as 50 additional audits each year.” IADC currently has more than 200 accredited training providers worldwide.

North Sea Chapter donates to charity

The IADC North Sea Chapter (NSC) is helping to raise awareness about urological cancers with a £4,350 donation to Scotland-based charity UCAN. The money was raised through personal donations made by attendees at a charity collection held at the chapter’s Safety Awards in May. The NSC matched all funds raised at the event. The other benefitting charity from this collection was the Oil Chaplaincy Trust.

IADC seeks cooperation with Indonesian drilling contractor group

In early August, Ken Fischer, IADC vice president – Middle East & Asia, met in Jakarta with the board of directors of the Indonesian Oil & Gas Drilling Contractors Association (AMPI). The purpose of the meeting was to share information about each organization’s structure, activities and programs in an effort to find areas of common interest and cooperation. Bambang Purwohadi, chairman of AMPI, presided over the meeting. “Drilling organizations share many of the same challenges and opportunities the world over,” Mr Fischer remarked. “Our common objective of service to the drilling community opens the door for cooperation on several topics.”

Like contractors everywhere, Indonesian drillers are keen to find ways to improve safety performance while developing competency in the local workforce. IADC’s accreditation programs, along with the Training Committee’s “Knowledge, Skills & Abilities” document, are seen as invaluable tools for achieving this objective.

AMPI serves a membership of 165 companies, including 40 Indonesian drilling contractors.

IADC seeks cooperation with Indonesian drilling contractor group

IADC Publications is on its second print-run of the Drilling Manual, which has sold more than 670 copies since its release in April 2007. Customer feedback has been extremely positive, and the second print-run is expected to sell quickly, said Jason McFarland, IADC director of membership and publications. The redesigned manual features new images and reformatted charts and graphs. The publication is also available on CD-ROM for easy reference.

IADC seeks cooperation with Indonesian drilling contractor group

Due to a change in suppliers, IADC has issued a revised price list for custom versions of the IADC Training & Operations Passport.

The revised list provides a quick reference for printing company logos in one or two colors on the passport cover. Other customer-specific features, such as page inserts and custom number imprinting, will be charged additionally.

The complete price list can be found on the IADC web site, including a downloadable quick reference price list.

Pricing on standard passports remains unchanged.

Steve Kropla, vice president of Accreditation and Certification, said that IADC plans to introduce both Spanish and Arabic versions of the passport by the end of 2007.

IADC seeks cooperation with Indonesian drilling contractor group

The IADC Information Technology Solutions (ITS) Committee recently conducted a workshop concerning the legal discovery of electronically stored information in litigation matters. The so called “E-Discovery” provisions in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures went into effect in 2006 and have potential ramifications for corporate IT departments.

Speakers at the workshop included David C Grant of Corporate Discovery Integration and Barry Murphy of Forrester Research. Mr Grant addressed the legal aspects of e-discovery, including changes in the rules and how they affect e-mail communications, documents, financial data, photos and other materials stored on computer networks or media. Mr Murphy addressed the practical aspects for company IT departments, including current practices in information retention and management and potential solutions.

The workshop was organized by ITS Committee chairman David Trahan of Atwood Oceanics. Atwood hosted the event, which was also attended by IT professionals from Diamond Offshore, GlobalSantaFe and Noble Drilling. Presentations provided by both speakers are posted in the ITS Committee section of the IADC web site.

IADC seeks cooperation with Indonesian drilling contractor group

The IADC Underbalanced Operations & Managed Pressure Drilling Committee has approved a temporary change to the WellCAP Underbalanced (UB) program instructor qualification requirements.

Previously, the committee had adopted a requirement stating that instructors applying for approval to teach the WellCAP Underbalanced curriculum must have completed a WellCAP supervisory UB course. That requirement has been waived until 31 December 2008 to encourage additional providers to seek WellCAP UB accreditation.

In the event a candidate for instructor approval has a valid Underbalanced WellCAP certificate, the requirement that it be from a different training provider will also be waived until that date. The waiver does not affect qualification requirements for instructors seeking approval to teach other types of curriculum.

WellCAP providers and other interested parties were notified in WellCAP Bulletin 07-01, which is posted on the IADC web site.

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