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New perforating technology enhances mechanical isolation-type recompletions

Core Laboratories – Production Enhancement group has introduced its new ReFRAC Perforating Technology, which helps completion teams boost efficiency and production in mechanical isolation-type recompletions. Designed specifically for this type of application, ReFRAC technology delivers optimal and consistent perforation hole sizes through multiple strings of tubulars, improving completion speed, mitigating operational risks, and enhancing well economics.

The ReFRAC Perforating Technology delivers optimal and consistent holes through both strings of tubulars.

Initially, a small liner is run into existing well casing and cemented in place, allowing for new plug-and-perf operations. Each stage is conventionally isolated with a frac plug, with no diverters required. The ReFRAC system is then deployed, which includes a perforating charge delivery system that is specifically designed for multi-string re-frac operations. This allows ReFRAC to deliver consistent hole sizes through two strings of casing, resulting in faster and more effective recompletion performance.

The key to ReFRAC performance is the delivery of predictable, consistent hole sizes through multiple strings of tubulars, providing optimal limited-entry perforating performance via ReFRAC’s radical new shape-charge technology. By achieving minimal variance between hole sizes, ReFRAC helps completion teams achieve targeted flow rates, as compared to conventional methods.

Operators have reported that the performance benefits of ReFRAC technology include increased cluster efficiency and consistent hole sizes. This system also provides for more effective operations, delivering up to double the number of stages per day than conventional systems. Performance is predictable from stage-to-stage and well-to-well, allowing completion teams to maximize uplift while minimizing costs and risks.

ReFRAC allows faster planning and deployment, allowing operators to get to production faster. In the field, it allows completion teams to achieve more stages per day, while delivering consistent hole sizes that optimize recompletion performance. In achieving these breakthroughs, ReFRAC technology enhances ROI by minimizing risks, time and costs, and maximizing stimulated reserve volume (SRV).

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