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New Multi-Activation Circulating Sub commercialized

NXG Drilling Services has launched its NXG-MACS (Multi-Activation Circulating Sub) technology, which was designed and developed to reduce rig time.

Rod Coffey, Chief Executive at NXG, said: “The NXG-MACS offers on-demand activation, without the need to drop a ball or dart. This can lead to a significantly quicker operation and, in turn, deliver substantial cost savings in terms of rig time. This is the first in a range of tools we’re looking to bring to the market utilizing our patented MACS technology.”

The 6 ¾-in. version of the tool is ready following the completion of testing. It was designed and manufactured by the firm’s in-house engineering team based at Ness Point, Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, UK.

In addition to the NXG-MACS, NXG has a wide range of proprietary drilling tools, including drilling reamers, torque reduction tools, hole-conditioning tools and anti-vibration tools.

NXG also offers in-house manufacture and repair services through its API Q1 accredited machine shop located at the former Longside Airfield in Aberdeenshire. It also supplies traditional bottomhole assembly equipment including drill collars, stabilizers and subs.

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