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New intelligent water management solution based on oxidizer technology

Nalco Champion has launched the RenewIQ line of oilfield water reuse solutions to help operators reduce freshwater consumption and associated handling costs, from sourcing to disposal. This lifecycle program effectively cleans contaminants across a wide range of applications and challenges, including freshwater pretreatment and flowback and produced water cleanup or reuse. According to the company, this new water solution is built on an oxidation technology platform and is a fast-acting, environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional non-oxidizing biocides.

Unlike chlorine dioxide, which requires mixing up to three hazardous raw materials in the field, this solution delivers finished chemistry at the site. For more than 25 years, the company has applied oxidizers around the world. Once their useful life is complete, RenewIQ solution oxidizers degrade into environmentally sustainable byproducts, including vinegar and water, after treatment.

Because water from every reservoir is different, each application begins with a field meeting where water samples are collected. The solution is then determined based on real-time information, the AccuCount microbial enumeration technology and analytical labs. Beyond identifying the appropriate chemistry, the optimal injection point is also determined. Then, the oxidative technology is pumped.

Rapidly reacting, broad-spectrum biocides oxidize proteins in microbial cells for bacterial control. The RenewIQ solutions control biofouling, well and reservoir souring and microbiologically influenced corrosion. In addition to microbial control, this offering can also combat hydrogen and iron sulfide in the production system—all of which can negatively impact treatment cost, safety and the environment.

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