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Kongsberg Digital to deliver real-time drilling software to Ocyan

Ocyan rigs will now use Kongsberg Digital’s SiteCom system to collect and convert data from different sources, making standard data available for the Brazilian drilling contractor’s main data platform, Ocyan SMART.

Ocyan has selected Kongsberg Digital’s SiteCom software to provide real-time drilling data from its rigs.

“We are very happy Ocyan has decided to use SiteCom for making data available in WITSML. As an operator, having access to complete, standard data in one system is a prerequisite to digitalize and automate processes in scale. Ocyan’s requirements for real-time data shows the robustness and versatility of SiteCom as a data collection software for the industry,” said Kristian Hernes, SVP Digital Wells, Kongsberg Digital.

Ocyan is one the largest drilling contractors in Brazil, with an offshore fleet in service for major operators in the area. From now on, their rigs will be using Kongsberg Digital’s SiteCom solution to collect and convert data from different data sources making standard data available for Ocyan’s main data platform Ocyan SMART. Besides the Drilling Control System, rigs are also configured to receive marine data, data from dynamic positioning systems, ocean current meter systems, and they will be integrated with third-party systems to calculate drilling riser fatigue.

“SiteCom is helping Ocyan to have a reliable and robust system onboard, connected to multiple sources and different protocols, converting data to WITSML standards in order to meet our client’s requirements,” said Rodrigo Chamusca Machado, Technology and Innovation Manager, Ocyan.

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