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Kongsberg, ABS announce integrated data analytics offering

Digital service providers Kongsberg and ABS have announced a new integrated offering that combines Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight and the ABS My Digital Fleet platform.

ABS My Digital Fleet is the only customizable risk management platform that integrates data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks. Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure captures, aggregates and contextualizes all data derived from a vessel’s sensors and other assets, transferring it for storage in the cloud through the proprietary Kongsberg network – ‘Kognifai Cloud’ – a specialized VPN solution.

The data collected through Vessel Insight will be made accessible to the ABS My Digital Fleet platform for the development of analytics services.

As part of the ABS My Digital Fleet Alliance Program, ABS will now offer Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight infrastructure as an integrated service with ABS My Digital Fleet. Kongsberg Digital’s Kognifai open digital marketplace, which offers third party solutions fully integrated with their Vessel Insight infrastructure, will now offer ABS My Digital Fleet. The ABS My Digital Fleet Alliance Program nurtures an ecosystem of industry-trusted intelligence and technology providers enabling integrated insights for clients on one unified platform.

“The potential of digital technologies to advance the cause of safety and operational excellence, not to mention the decarbonization of our industry, is significant. That’s why this is such a key announcement for the digitalization of shipping. Together, Kongsberg Digital and ABS are putting more power in the hands of our users; widening access to deep operational insights and making it simpler to realize the huge benefits offered by advanced data analytics,” said John McDonald, ABS Executive Vice President and COO.

“The maritime industry is facing stricter environmental regulations and demands. Collecting data to analyze, predict and improve processes for vessels and fleets is key to meet the new regulations while gaining a competitive edge. By combining ABS’ unique data integration and analytics platform with the Vessel Insight data capturing infrastructure, we are strengthening our position to offer an even better integrated service of high value for the industry. We believe this alliance will further spark the incentives for existing and prospective Vessel Insight subscribers to utilize the benefits of digitalization within the maritime industry,” said Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President of Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

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