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IADC launches accreditation program for workforce attraction and development initiatives

IADC recently launched Gateway, the first accreditation program for training providers launched through the IADC Workforce Attraction and Development Initiative (WADI). The Gateway accreditation program is an output of WADI, which was initiated in 2012 to bring together institutions of higher learning with industry partners to develop course curriculums for entry-level, new-hire oil and gas industry candidates.

As a result of the WADI collaboration, the Introduction to Oil and Gas Training Program was developed to help companies connect with colleges, training providers and other organizations to attract, hire, train and promote onshore and offshore oil and gas workers worldwide.

The training program offers a standard baseline curriculum comprising RigPass, WellSharp Awareness-Level well control, a general introduction to the industry, behavioral training (human factors), a module on rig life, technical math, rigging basics, electrical and fluid safety, industrial practices and considerable hands-on training. The program is designed to better prepare new employees for working on a rig, thereby helping companies improve safety culture in the field while reducing turnover rates.

More information about the Gateway accreditation process and the Introduction to Oil and Gas Training Program can be accessed via the IADC accreditation website.

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