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H&P introduces automation package for the rig floor

Helmerich & Payne (H&P) introduced its Rig Floor Automation package, which merges automation with enhanced mechanization. The package is comprised of the company’s HexGrip 120 automated floor wrench, retractable slip lifters and traction control floor mats.

The wrench helps prolong drill pipe life through near concentric connection gripping, increasing makeup torque accuracy and increasing breakout torque capacity. Retractable slip lifters enable a seamless transition between drilling and tripping, removing the task of manually placing and removing slips as they insert directly into the rig floor. For all rig floor operations, the installation of modular traction control floor mats provides integrated fluid management and color-coded hazard zone indication.

“The H&P FlexRig continues to serve as our platform for additional automation and mechanization as the industry evolves over time,” said Mike Lennox, Senior Vice President, US Land Operations at H&P. “Our FlexRig fleet further evolves to push the industry standard in automation on the rig floor, helping to ensure safe and consistent drilling performance outcomes. This serves to improve the working environment of our employees, while enhancing the quality of service we provide to our customers, as we work together towards continuous improvement on the rig floor and beyond.”

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