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Halliburton releases scalable MPD system

Halliburton has released Flex Managed Pressure Drilling System (MPD), a scalable and mobile technology that can be configured to address specific operator challenges and deliver greater rig efficiency. The tiered system allows operators to select the right level of service to help maximize the cost/benefit of managed pressure drilling services.

The standard Flex MPD offering is a tablet controlled solution with a single, straightforward display so the driller can control backpressure or choke position while drilling, tripping and making connections. When additional control is required, Flex Pro MPD incorporates rig data for a more intelligent automated response to adjust backpressure based on flowrates and bit depth.

The system can also run as a full MPD solution using real-time hydraulic modeling to control downhole pressure, limit formation fluids from entering the wellbore and help reduce lost circulation that can cause wellbore instability, stuck pipe and formation damage. Each tier utilizes a smaller equipment footprint so operators can reduce rig-up and rig-down time.

“Today operators increasingly realize the benefits of managed pressure drilling and we designed Flex MPD to address different service levels for a more tailored approach,” Daniel Casale, Vice President of Testing and Subsea. “In situations where drilling challenges change from well to well, the system allows operators to respond quickly with a highly mobile unit and apply the right service intensity for each job.”

Flex MPD was recently deployed in an unconventional field in South America to help an operator effectively manage downhole pressure while reducing the space requirements on the rig for increased surface efficiency.

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