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Halliburton releases new imaging technology to identify fracture networks

Halliburton has released the PixStar High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service, a new logging-while-drilling technology that provides real-time images of the borehole to help operators identify fractures, improve wellbore stability and optimize completion design.

When drilling with oil or water-based fluids, operators must understand the location and frequency of natural fractures to determine the reservoir’s production potential and accurately plan their fracturing and completion activities. Since fractures are small-scale structures, they are typically below the resolution of seismic and conventional well logs, making them difficult to identify.

The PixStar service uses ultrasonic transducers that provide high-resolution images to reveal previously hidden fracture networks or faults, allowing operators to make informed drilling decisions that reduce well time and increase production potential.

“We designed the PixStar service to provide operators with greater wellbore coverage in all mud types,” Lamar Duhon, Vice President of Sperry Drilling, said. “Visualizing fractures, geological features and borehole size and shape in real time enhances reservoir understanding to optimize drilling, fracturing and completions programs.”

An operator in the Middle East recently used the PixStar service to evaluate a formation experiencing significant drilling fluid losses. The high-resolution images identified a section with a large fracture, which corresponded to the loss zone, and multiple sections of borehole breakout. The images revealed two zones with high fracture frequency allowing the operator to optimize their completion design.

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