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Halliburton releases new hybrid drill bit

Halliburton introduced the Crush & Shear Hybrid Drill Bit, a new technology that combines the efficiency of traditional polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters with the torque-reducing capabilities of rolling elements to increase drilling efficiency and maximize bit stability through changing formations.

Current hybrid bit technologies sacrifice drilling speed by placing the cutters and rolling elements in redundant locations. Crush & Shear technology reimagines the bit by placing roller cones in the bit’s center for efficient crushing of the formation and moves the cutters to the shoulder for maximal rock shearing. As a result, the bit increases control, durability and achieves a higher rate of penetration.

“We took a different approach to hybrid bit technology and optimized the cutter placement to increase drilling efficiency while providing improved lateral stability,” David Loveless, Vice President of Drill Bits and Services, said. “Crush and Shear technology will help operators drill faster with better control in hard-rock, vibration-prone wells and traditional hybrid or roller cone curve applications.”

Each bit also leverages the Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI) process, Halliburton’s local network of drill bit experts who collaborate with operators to customize bits for basin-specific applications. In the Midcon region, the Crush and Shear bit helped an operator successfully complete their curve section in just one run – achieving an ROP of 25 ft/hr, beating the ROP in the offset well by over 25%. This saved the customer over $120,000.

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