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Halliburton releases intelligent drill bit to optimize drilling performance

Halliburton has released the Cerebro in-bit sensor package, a new technology that obtains performance data directly from the drill bit and analyzes it to optimize cutter engagement, reduce uncertainty and increase drilling efficiency. This new service improves data measurement and overall drilling performance.

The system provides a view into an entire run by continuously capturing downhole vibration and motion data. This information helps operators pinpoint where bit damage occurred and when optimal performance is not achieved due to inconsistent design or operating parameters. The system identifies several common drill bit factors including, lateral and axial vibration, torsional resistance, whirl and stick-slip, which can negatively impact drilling speed and reliability.

“Cerebro further advances our communication with the drill bit by capturing data as close to the cutting structure as possible,” Scott Regimbald, Vice president of Drill Bits and Services, said. “By having a greater understanding of what is happening downhole, we can optimize bit design and performance to help operators drill more intervals in single runs.”

On a recent set of runs in the mid-continental US, the system acquired information that allowed the operator to utilize a more aggressive cutting structure to increase drilling efficiency and reduce well time. This data also showed that higher drilling speeds could be used in softer sections of the well without vibration limitations.

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