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Halliburton introduces new high-speed telemetry service

Halliburton announced the launch of PulseStar, a service that provides operators with consistent, high-speed streaming of downhole data. The service transfers high-resolution, real-time drilling and subsurface data at extended depth to provide more efficient and consistent well delivery.

The service uses telemetry for remote operations to minimize human interaction and enhances on-bottom drilling time. It automatically adapts to environmental changes for optimal data rate and detection. Its artificial intelligence provides self-optimizing pulses to maintain high data quality across the reservoir, and its advanced signal processing allows downlink for two-way communication while drilling.

“The PulseStar service allows for rapid and accurate drilling decision-making. It enables high-speed transmission in deeper depths across the reservoir where detailed characterization and drilling optimization is critical,” said Jim Collins, Vice President of Sperry Drilling.

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