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Halliburton introduces the Elect frac sleeve

Halliburton has introduced the Elect frac sleeve, a monobore sleeve solution that enables unlimited stage count in multistage fracturing operations. The Elect frac sleeve is an evolutionary step in completion sleeves, supporting greater flexibility for highly optimized reservoir access with pinpoint well stimulation options.

The Elect frac sleeve provides no inner diameter or flow rate restrictions in order to optimize zonal stimulation treatment and contact with the reservoir. Removing internal restrictions can allow for more frac treatment options and longer laterals.

Additionally, the sleeve harnesses the power of electronics to promote efficiencies in hydraulic fracturing. The sleeve functions as an integral part of the well construction solution in the casing which reduces planning associated with other mechanical tools required for today’s sleeves. Hardware, firmware and software work in tandem to convert the sleeve into a useable downhole solution based on pre-programmed parameters. This technology is a key enabler in Halliburton’s continued evolution to digital completion solutions.

“The reliability of the Elect frac sleeve has been thoroughly tested and vetted to provide reduced time to production,” Mark Dawson, Vice President of Halliburton Completion Tools, said. “We are confident that this innovative technology will continue the drive to improved completion efficiency in the unconventional market.”

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