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From the President: As drilling contractors’ association, IADC will focus on listening to, responding to members’ needs

Jason McFarland
Jason McFarland, IADC President

These are trying times for our industry. Last year was a difficult year, and this year’s forecast is equally as challenging. We have seen the effects of the depressed market reflected in the reduction of rig counts and companies who have shuttered their operations. People are comparing this downturn to the one of the mid-1980s, a time we all hoped never to revisit.

IADC is in its 76th year. Our association has withstood the challenges that come with a market correction more than a few times, and we are still here. The world runs on the energy our members provide. Our industry, as well as this association, will be here for the inevitable upturn.

A lot has changed at IADC in the past three years, and I would like to believe that much of that change has been valued by all of our members. We’ve introduced key programs, like WellSharp and Gateway, and have increased our presence in government and regulatory affairs both in the US and abroad.  All of this work would not have been possible without the unwavering support and belief in the mission and vision of IADC by our members.

IADC has also recently undergone significant changes in leadership. I accepted the role of interim President in November after the resignation of our previous President and CEO. I have spent more than 20 years with IADC, beginning my career with the association by selling tour sheets and drilling contracts in IADC’s Publication Sales department.

During this time, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work within almost every division of the association. It’s inspired in me an appreciation for the value that IADC delivers to our industry and a good perspective on what is most important to our members.

Throughout this year, my focus, and the focus of our staff, is on member service. My goal for the association is to serve as a place that delivers value and provides members what they need, when they need it. I have a deeply held belief that an association exists to serve its members, not the other way around. I’m focused on listening to, and responding to, our member’s needs.

IADC is the industry’s only association dedicated to drilling contractors, with a vision for drilling contractors to be recognized for their vital role in sustaining the energy economy while pursuing high standards of safety, environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. We are committed to driving out unnecessary cost in our industry and sustaining competency in a changing technological environment. This foundation drives our activities for 2016.

We remain committed to delivering programs and initiatives already under way, which include the BOP Reliability Database, WellSharp and an IADC Briefing Book.  We have also brought together a group of industry communications professionals to assemble an interactive, educational online tool to help the public and other stakeholders understand what our industry does and why that work is critical to meeting global energy demands.

Beyond these projects, we will focus our efforts on stepping up the level of service on longstanding programs with a history of success. IADC is recognized globally for our accreditation programs, for our magazine, Drilling Contractor, and other publications, such as the IADC Drilling Manual.

We are also recognized for our expertise on matters that affect our industry and the ability to use that knowledge to advocate for fair and transparent legislation and regulation. We are recognized for our committees that work on meaningful projects that positively impact our industry, and for our chapters and conferences, which offer a place for our members to come together to learn, share information and network.

IADC has a tremendous legacy. I believe we are recognized for our excellence throughout the industry. This legacy and recognition is, of course, attributable to our active membership, which believes our industry is better when it has an association representing its interests. This year, we are reinforcing the ideals that have sustained IADC for 75 years: listening to our members, identifying their critical needs and working together to develop solutions that will ensure our future success.

The work that all of our members do to make IADC a success is very much appreciated, and I look forward to serving our members in this difficult year to continue IADC’s legacy of being the association that represents the interests of drilling contractors. DC

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