Frac-pack solution creates, maintains high-conductivity fractures

Baker Hughes has commercially launched its TORRENT frac-pack solution. It helps operators to improve ultimate recovery by creating and maintaining large, high-conductivity fractures to maximize reservoir contact and increase drainage. Each solution is designed with the operator and executed according to the potential of the respective reservoir. The goal is more reliable and effective delivery of an optimal treatment program for the reservoir, regardless of required proppant volumes or pump rates.

Modeling the ideal stimulation program and engineering the fluid design to match reservoir characteristics is the initial part of the process. The stimulation program is then executed using the SC-XP frac-pack platform and an advanced stimulation vessel. The SpectraStar fracturing fluid, which features proprietary organoborate crosslinker and breaker technology, offers superior shear recovery at extreme pump rates. It is used for effective proppant transport, breaking cleanly and completely for maximum regain conductivity.

Remote monitoring and analysis help deliver the treatment according to plan and provide the insight needed to make on-the-fly adjustments to obtain an optimized stimulation program. Fines stabilization technology and Sorb Ultra solid inhibitors provide proactive flow assurance to maintain planned optimal production rates, while reducing or eliminating interventions.

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