Editorial: Despite difficult downturn, IADC members, staff find ways to go above and beyond

Andy Hendricks, 2017 IADC Chairman
Andy Hendricks, 2017 IADC Chairman

IADC is an association with deep roots and a long history of successfully representing the interests of drilling contractors, and I am honored to have served as your Chairman this year.

Every year at this time, we talk about our accomplishments. I’ve been a member of this association for a long time, and each year I think we cannot possibly top our previous achievements. Yet, we always find ways to go above and beyond.

The expertise that the membership of IADC represents is unparalleled. Not only that, our members are engaged on our committees, at conferences and in myriad other ways, big and small. It is you, our members, who contribute to the success of this association.

I have seen this within my own company – employees who have volunteered their time over the years to IADC have helped make significant contributions to the industry that have undeniably made it better.  I was also pleased to see the increased participation at conferences and other events this year compared with the previous year. It truly is inspiring to work alongside all of you to serve the drilling industry through IADC.

At the beginning of this year, I noted that market conditions were difficult. And we end the year not far from where we started, with a delicate production balance between the North America onshore and OPEC. While there have been glimmers of a rebound, the market remains challenging in many parts of the world. However, the reality is, our industry supplies the products that power the world, and even amidst difficult circumstances, we continue to move forward. And this holds true of the work of IADC, as well.

In January, I talked about safety and advocacy as two of our top priorities. And true to that word, there has been a lot of focus and work done by IADC members and staff to champion these two important goals.

Safety remains a top priority for IADC, as well it should. IADC has worked with all stakeholders to ensure that our safety programs represent a best-in-industry standard. The RigPass and Competence Assurance programs received a refresh, with valuable improvements added, and the Gateway, DIT and Crane-Rigger programs were strengthened.

Our flagship well control training program, WellSharp, was also strengthened and has been translated into four languages, ensuring that crews around the world are able to receive this world-class training. Through WellSharp, we continued this year to work with the Wounded Warrior Project to employ US veterans, work that I think we can all point to as a success.

Similarly, advocacy remains a top priority. Having a seat at the table and a voice with those responsible for overseeing our industry is critical to ensure that resulting regulation is fair and not duplicative. We are all aware that increased regulation has a very real impact on our bottom lines. For an industry struggling to emerge from a deep downturn, every penny is accounted for, and we cannot accept increased costs of doing business related to unnecessary regulatory burdens.

From what I’ve witnessed, we have made some impressive inroads with regards to IADC’s developing relationships with key legislators and regulators. Our Washington, DC, office hosted two fly-ins for onshore and offshore members this year, providing those who attended with an opportunity to discuss with members of Congress issues critical to our industry. Serving as an educative resource for those with responsibility for governing our industry is important if we wish to have an open dialogue about what works and what does not.

Outside of the US, we worked with regulators worldwide to assist them in their understanding of the issues that affect the drilling industry. This work is ongoing. Changes in leadership ensure that the work is never done. I’m proud of the teams of experts IADC has in place to competently give voice to the drilling industry and our concerns.

At IADC, it has been a year of more highs than lows, and we can point to the work accomplished by those who have been actively engaged with the association and call it a huge success. As for me, I would like to thank the incredible staff at IADC for their professionalism and enthusiasm, and I thank all of you for the opportunity to serve as your Chairman and for trusting me with leading an association that has successfully advocated for the drilling industry for more than 75 years.

Thank you. DC

Click here to read about IADC’s work with Wounded Warrior.

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