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DynaEnergetics completes field trials of new DS Trinity perforating system

DynaEnergetics, a business of DMC Global, announced it achieved a 100% success rate on field trials of its new DS Trinity perforating system. DS Trinity, which features three charges on a single plane, is a member of the DynaStage family of factory-assembled, performance-assured perforating systems. The field trials were conducted in 6-in. casing using a 4-in. outer diameter (OD) DS Trinity system.

The patent-pending DS Trinity was designed to deliver a cost-effective, length-optimized solution that provides operators with greater flexibility in designing their oil and gas well completions. At 8 in. in length, DS Trinity is up to 3.5 times shorter than conventional perforating guns, enabling much higher gun counts per stage. The reduced length was achieved by aligning the charges on a plane, versus the traditional spiral placement of charges down the length of a gun. The system also eliminates the sub adaptor typically used to connect adjacent guns in a string. The optimized length enables customers to run more guns per stage or reduce the required height of rig-up cranes and pressure control equipment.

“Our field trials were conducted in partnership with a large US-based operator that provided important input on the key features and functionality of the system,” Ian Grieves, President of DynaEnergetics, said. “The DS Trinity solution leverages the performance, features and safety of our commercially successful DynaStage system. Moreover, the 100% success rate achieved in the trials illustrates that both systems deliver equivalent reliability levels.” 

Customers can choose from a selection of DynaEnergetics’ uniform entry-hole shaped charges, ensuring optimal fracture stimulation. Depending on charge selection, a single DS Trinity system enables perforating performance equivalent to traditional four- or five-hot guns. Like DynaStage, DS Trinity is intrinsically safe, factory assembled and performance assured, providing operating efficiency and accelerating the speed at which wells are brought onto production.

DynaEnergetics intends to commercialize the 4-in. OD version of DS Trinity in Q2. A 3 ½ in. OD version designed for use in 5 ½ in. casing is scheduled for release shortly thereafter.

Field trial summary

In one of the recent field trials, the customer successfully shot 32 stages in 6-in. casing. The customer utilized 25 4-in. DS Trinity systems per stage and perforated in 10-ft increments. The trial was completed with charges that provided the caliber equivalent of a four-shot gun.

The 4-in. guns were used in lieu of typical 3 1/8 in. guns to minimize the gap between the gun body and casing. This created more consistent perforations and improved overall fracture stimulation. The system also enabled accelerated pump down operations and reduced water usage.

Based on the success of the trials, the operator said it plans to complete additional jobs in the coming months using the 4-in. DS Trinity system.

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