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Dropsafe expands helideck safety net range

Dropsafe has expanded its Helideck Perimeter Safety Net range, offering two versions to ensure that all facilities can access a tailored safety solution.

“From harsh offshore environments to hospitals, helidecks are critical entry points where safety is paramount – and extended periods of downtime are unacceptable,” said Mike Rice, Dropsafe Commercial Director. “This has driven growing demand as activity ramps up across multiple sectors, leading rig managers to push for cost-effective solutions to mitigate safety risks around the helideck, such as Drops or Man Overboard incidents.”

The 316 stainless-steel Helideck Perimeter Safety Net system attaches to the perimeter frames of helidecks to protect personnel from falling. The system is designed to withstand an impact greater than 2.3 kJ (100 kg at 2.35 m), exceeding global helideck standards. Engineered to withstand a wide range of operational and environmental conditions, the made-to-measure system is modular, allowing easy replacement of components if necessary.

The first version of the net is aimed at operators who find that a solution with a 10-year service life and two-year warranty aligns with their budgeting cycles. The second version offers a 25-year service life with a 10-year warranty.

The expansion comes as Dropsafe refines its bespoke helideck manufacturing process. The company has examined prevailing testing practices for helideck nets. There has been increasing industry recognition of the need for safer, non-destructive alternatives that test the entire system. Therefore, Dropsafe, looked to create a new testing option in line with operator requirements.

“Testing has been a key challenge for helideck net users,” said Dan Burman, Product Lead for Dropsafe. “Since the initial Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net launch last year, that was confirmed by our dialogue with industry stakeholders, who wanted to move beyond sacrificial panels and stress testing. We offer operators a global helideck net testing service direct from Dropsafe, as part of a flexible package, ensuring that best practice testing is hassle-free.”

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