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Drilling Systems provides simulation systems for Nabors training center in Kazakhstan

Drilling Systems, part of the 3T Energy Group, has provided its latest DrillSIM drilling simulators to Nabors for use at the company’s new training center in Kazakhstan. To supplement its existing training programs, Nabors has equipped several of its training facilities with DrillSIM simulators, which meet and exceed IADC and IWCF standards. Models range from portable and full-size conventional drilling and well control simulators to advanced cyberbase models with bespoke options for specific customer requirements.

The DrillSIM drilling simulators are capable of realistically mirroring the working environment of an onshore rig.

The technology realistically mirrors the environment of a working onshore rig, enabling the simulation of various operational scenarios in a controlled atmosphere, including stuck-pipe and well-control incidents. This type of simulated, realistic training allows rig crews to safely enhance their knowledge and skills as they proactively learn how to react in the event the same operational issues were to occur on a working rig. 

“Our DrillSIM simulators have been implemented at a number of Nabors’ drilling simulator training facilities around the world,” Clive Battisby, Drilling Systems Chief Operating Officer, said. “This new facility in Kazakhstan will undoubtedly raise industry drilling standards across the region and is a great example of Nabors’ commitment to safety and crew competency.”

In an effort to strengthen safety awareness and learning throughout the global industry, Nabors plans to utilize its drilling training centers in Algeria, Kazakhstan and Dubai to conduct technology-enhanced learning programs for third-party drilling contractors and oilfield service companies.

“Making mistakes on a simulator is the best way to learn and guarantees memory retention so you don’t make the same mistakes in the field,” Mr Battisby added. “The benefits mean we have competent, highly trained personnel who can recognize and respond to situations much quicker in the field ultimately maximizing drilling operations and creating an extremely safe working environment.”

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