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Delmar Systems completes first North Sea rig disconnect using RAR Plus technology

Delmar Systems successfully completed an 8-line disconnect of the mooring system on Seadrill’s West Phoenix semisubmersible drilling rig on the UK Continental Shelf. The rig disconnection was performed in two and a half hours without needing AHTS vessel assistance. The West Phoenix is currently under contract with Equinor for a three well campaign, all of which are using Delmar’s Releasable Anchor Mooring System.

Delmar’s RAR Plus is a dual-release action (acoustic and mechanical) rig anchor release. The RAR Plus allows for immediate rig transit after release with the RAR Plus’ nested in their trigger sleeves against the rig fairlead. This eliminates the weather window requirement that is typical for AHTS operations during a traditional rig disconnect.

“We had the privilege of being the first to perform a successful disconnect in the North Sea without support of AHTS vessels,” Jan Petter Leirvåg, Equinor’s Senior Consultant- Rig Move Operations, said. “We are always looking for improvements when it comes to safe and efficient operations on our rig moves and the RAR Plus is definitely an improvement. The West Phoenix will have the Delmar RAR Plus’ on three wells to begin, and after a successful test period, we will look for opportunities across our rig fleet. Good cooperation with Moray Systems and Delmar has made this a true success.”

“We are excited to introduce our Releasable Anchor Mooring System to the North Sea and save our customers significant rig time and vessel time during rig disconnections using RAR Plus technology,” John Shelton, Delmar System’s Vice President of Technical Services, said. “We look forward to the continued success of this campaign with Equinor and many future ventures in the North Sea.”

The first disconnect of the three well program was performed using group line releases of two lines, two lines, and four lines. Equinor’s three well campaign is scheduled to continue through Q3 2019.

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