March/April 2017

Innovating While Drilling
Fulfilling the need for speed: Drill bit designs drilling farther, faster
Manufacturers continue to adapt cutter shapes, improve fluid circulation characteristics and alter depth-of-cut elements to achieve higher ROPs and less bit wear, particularly in hard and interbedded formations
by Alex Endress, Editorial Coordinator
Extended life, quicker make-up and gas tightness among key innovation areas as operators seek larger tubulars, lower costs of ownership
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
New drill stem rotary shoulder connection incorporates innovative single start shark thread shape
by Marta Lafuente, Vallourec Drilling Products; and Fabien Carrois, Vallourec Oil and Gas France
Influx management envelope deployed during planning phase
for 3 sections of deepwater MPD well

by Martin Culen and Oscar Gabaldon, Blade Energy Partners
Coiled-tubing cementing operation on HPHT well uses MPD technique to lower costs, ensure integrity
by Elvin Mammadov, Nadine Osayande, Ali Yousefi Sadat and Muhammad Murtaza, Weatherford
Experimental setup at Texas A&M Dual Gradient Drilling Lab aims
to study riser gas migration in controlled mud level drilling system

by Omer Kaldirim and Jerome J. Schubert, Texas A&M University
Evolution of intelligent coiled-tubing technologies drives
need for better sensors, data interpretation tools to aid
real-time decision-making

by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
Regional Focus: Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific rig market: Distressed and oversupplied
Rig demand, dayrates still trending down, although Thailand and India have fared better while Indonesia is eyed as next high-growth candidate
by Alex Endress, Editorial Coordinator
Light annular mud cap drilling, downhole isolation valve help to drill fractured gas reservoir in Indonesia
by Enos Eben Ezer and Andi Pratama, SKK Migas; Fikri Irawan, Weatherford
MODU Power Systems
Transocean develops hybrid power plant to improve dynamic load compensation, continue drawworks operation through power disruptions
by Yin Wu, Transocean
Rig Automation
UT Austin-based drilling automation consortium builds data visualization templates, develops data-driven top drive monitoring techniques
by Rick von Flatern, Contributing editor
IADC Connection
From the President: Lessons learned from previous downturns can help uphold safety as market recovers
by Jason McFarland, IADC PResident
IADC partners with Texas A&M to launch 1st student chapter
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
News Cuttings
Drilling Ahead: Big data brings insights but also cybersecurity exposure
by Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor
D&C News
D&C Tech Digest
HSE&T Corner: Involving employees in JSA development, making corrective actions visible increase buy-in to incident prevention programs
by Kelli Ainsworth, Editorial Coordinator
People, Companies and Products
Perspectives: Thad Dunham, Flat Time Reduction – Drilling industry should look to industrial engineering to reshape operations, reduce waste
by Alex Endress, Editorial Coordinator
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